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Oceanario Lisbona

Oceanario Lisbona

oceanarium lizbona największe akwarium naturalne

Film z Oceanarium w Lizbonie pokazujący największe na świecie akwarium naturalne

Florestas Submersas – Ocenario Lisboa – Takashi Amano from LondonDragon on Vimeo.

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Quick video to show the great 40 metre aquascape created by Takashi Amano at the Lisbon Oceanarium.

„The world’s largest Nature Aquarium created by Takashi Amano impressively appears as full scale waters in Nature right in front of visitors. Despite its size of 40m, the planting is so delicate in the massive tank. It consists of various kinds of aquatic plants as if it is in a tropical jungle. Amano states the concept of this aquascape as “Tropical Paradise” to demonstrate his passion for tropical forests. His challenge was to recreate the ecosystem in actual Nature. The tank is 40m in length with 160t of water inside, which contains 8,550L of Amazonia Soil, 20t of volcanic stones, 78 giant driftwood, 46 species of plants, and 10,000 tropical fish of 40 species. (As at April 22, 2015)”

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Video is just a quick highlight of the Nature Aquarium as you must visit to appreciate it 🙂